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At Appetite4Byte, we develop innovative and creative products and services that provide total communication and information solutions. As a leader in technology exploring, Appetite4Byte is committed to exporting quality software worldwide. Our business philosophy is to assure the highest quality product, total client satisfaction, timely delivery of solutions and the best quality/price ratio found in the industry.


Modular and modern platform to define business process based on exchanging and mediating every kind of data in and out your company in a fast, rock-solid and secure way

automatic load balancing and active-active high availability: everything is a container orchestrated by kubernetes

we embrace the microservices spirit, every service is a container written with the best language available for his purpose


VALUE - Modern technology in a modular platform
  • CONNECTIVITY -different protocols including AS2, FTPs, HTTPs, SFTP, email, and others to establish secure connections.
  • DATA PROCESSING - model data process with a light and advanced interface for a quick deployment.
  • API ACCESS - everything is based on open api.
  • IOT INGESTION - staging area to seamlessly and smoothlessly manage your IOT data.
  • B2B READINESS - support all kind of integrations: EDI, API, flat file, spreadsheet, JSON, and XML formats amongst others.
  • DATA TRANSFORMATION - any-to-any transformation engine.
  • HIGH AVAILABILITY - automatic load balancing and active-active high availability
MANAGE YOUR FLOWS - Stay on top of your processes and flows

Dynamically orchestrate end-to-end business processes and integration data flows between different applications.

Make all business processes visible, easily accessible, monitored and versioned.

Quickly integrate additional software product and components.

Easily Monitor process flow status.

PROPRIETARY CLIENT - Our solution offers a fast and reliable client

Create a secure tunnel to communicate with the DataManent suite and exchange data in push or pull from your desktops and servers scattered in the company network. Automatic client registration once installed on remote system.

Use DataManent UI to configure the client and then push the configuration to the remote machine and monitor machine status.

Track flows and build a governance data graph.

Monitor folders for incoming/outgoing files and perform pre and post processing using existing applications locally available on the system. Availabler for Linux, Windows and Mac

FORM FACTOR - Available in different breed
  • Cloud - deployable on the leading cloud providers like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, among others.
  • Hybrid - keep your data in the cloud or locally, choose to process your flow in the cloud but keep your transport engine locally. Mix your environment as you need.
  • On-premises - use your infrastructure to completely host the whole product and to tune the solution as you prefer.
  • SaaS - just use a service made available for you in our cloud infrastructure.


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  • info@appetite4byte.com

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